„The problem is, we don´t have many beds in the intensive care unit!

Alessia, 19, studiert Medizin und Chirurgie in ihrer Heimatstadt Catania auf Sizilien. Im Interview schildert sie ihre Eindrücke von Corona in Süditalien und gibt Tipps gegen Langeweile in der Quarantäne.

What is your current situation?

I’m in quarantine for 21 days now, and social distancing for 26 days.

Because of the quarantine only one member of each family can go grocery shopping once in a week or go to the pharmacy.

Almost everyone is doing Home office and only the supermarket and pharmacies are open.

Do you think your country is taking the right measures?

I think my country is taking the right measures, but some people still don’t respect it, that’s why a lot of people are getting heavy fines by the police.

I think they don’t take this situation seriously.

Positiv angehen – so probiert Alessia das beste aus der Quaratäne zu machen.

How badly is your region affected by Corona?

My region (Sicily) is in a bad situation because the number of infected people is increasing, but the situation isn’t as bad as in the north of Italy.

The problem is that we don’t have lot of places in intensive care, so not everyone who needs it, can get help.

Fortunately, we’re getting help from all over the world, and Italians keep donating money to increase the number of places in intensive care at the hospital.

I started to workout at home, it makes me feel better.

What is your best tip against boredom in quarantine?

I think the best way to survive quarantine without getting bored, is always do something different, and change the routine.For example, in these days I started to workout at home, and it makes me feel better.I also study a lot because I think that’s the best moment to concentrate and focus on studying.

I use this situation to appreciate things more than I used to do, so I try to do my best to live it in a positive way.

Italians are also doing some initiatives to not get bored, like singing typical Italian songs from the balcony, it makes us feel less lonely.

How do you say „get well soon“ in your language?


Thank you for answering the questions, Alessia, and stay healthy!