„The right measures have been taken too late“

Nico comes from Valencia and studies management and business administration. He is also in quarantine and gives us an insight into his new everyday life.

What is your current situation?

Right now we are at home, unable to go out unless it is for basic necessities of life such as shopping for food, pharmacy and other establishments that the government considers to be basic (a funny fact is that the hairdressers are still open since the government says they are necessary). As for the university, since the state of alarm was decreed in the country (13 days ago), there is no attendance. Since the 23rd of March the academic calendar continues from home in a virtual way. And as for work, until now it was possible to go to your post if the company saw it that way or you could from home, today 28th of March the president has communicated that all activity is cancelled except for necessary jobs (health, government, etc). I work at home and I do the end of my Degree Work, apart from doing sports on my terrace.

Do you think your country is taking the right measures?

Right now, yes, but they have been taken too late. One example is the football game Valencia vs Atalanta Bergamo which was played with numerous infected people in Italy and with knowledge of the risk of spreading the virus in Madrid where 4 days before the state of alarm was declared. In Madrid there was a concentration in favour of Women’s Day where hundreds of thousands of people gathered.

„Don´t create monotony – that´s Nico´s tip against boredom.“

How badly is your region affected by Corona?

Within the various Spanish cities, the most affected city, due in large part to the capital and the concentration already mentioned, is Madrid. Valencia is taking good measures and they are not high figures compared to other cities.

What is your best tip against boredom in quarantine?

Don’t create monotony and get out of the room, try to do sport every day (I do it after lunch), go ahead with work and notes, and above all keep in touch with your friends through Whatsapp or video calls. It’s also a good time, since we’re at home to enjoy family, play board games, movies and more things we don’t normally do.

How do you say „get well soon“ in your language?

Mejórate pronto!

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