„Ukraine has closed it´s borders“

Nika, 19, comes from western Ukraine and is currently on the oceans of the world as a student of social work on the support vessel Logos Hope. She is still in contact with home, which is why she informs us about the current situation in Ukraine.

What is your current situation and how badly is your region affected by Corona?

We have around 550 cases in Ukraine.

The life cycle has stopped. All businesses, shops, cafes/restaurants, cinemas, malls, airports are closed, except drugstores and hospitals. People can go outside but just for shopping or special needs. Also, you can’t be in group more than 10 people. Ukraine closed the borders for everyone.

Trotz Weltreise weiter Kontakt in die Heimat: Nika aus der Ukraine.

Do you think your country is taking the right measures?

It´s difficult to say but I hope they have taken the right decisions. Those are measures:

1. Closed the borders.

2. Receiving a plane with health equipment

3. Providing a mask for everyone for free

4. Police watches over safety in town

5. They want to start online school

6. President encourages us to keep calm and help each other be healthy.

7. They are doing their best to raise the financial situation in Ukraine.

Langeweile? Die kommt bei Nika nicht auf.

What is your best tip against boredom in quaratine?

1. Read books

2. Study

3. Spend time with family

4. Improve yourself!

How do you say „get well soon“ in your language?“

 Одужуй  (odizuiy)