„The national government isn´t doing anything about it“

Clear words from Ashley from California, who had to break off her semester abroad in Berlin because of Corona. Further impressions she describes here in a short interview.

What is your current situation?

I am currently home in California after being sent home from a study abroad program in Berlin due to the virus.

Do you think that your country is taking the right measures?

I think some states in the US are taking the issue very seriously and responding well while others are not ordering stay at home orders and the national government is not doing anything about it which I think is very negative.

Had to break off her semester abroad in Berlin: Ashley from California.

How badly is your region affected by Corona?

My region is definitely affected by corona virus as we have “shelter in place” orders but we are nowhere near as affected as New York which is struggling the most in the US currently.

What is your best tip against boredom in quarantine?

Best tip against quarantine boredom is push yourself to pursue the things you are interested and passionate about that you don’t have time to do usually because of work or school! And go outside once a day!

How do you say „get well soon” in your slang/language?

And can’t think of a slang word now but if I do, I will get back to you!