„This crisis is exposing the roles of our government’s federal system“

Trevor lives in Nebraska in the mid-west of the USA and is currently completing a highly respected US government pilot program. The corona pandemic has also affected his everyday life, which he tells us in the interview.

What is your current situation?

The lower three classes (Freshman through Juniors) at the Air Force Academy were sent home to protect the seniors from the virus because they are very close to graduating and commissioning as officers in the US Air and Space Forces.  So, I am currently studying at home in Nebraska and taking classes online.  

Do you think your country is taking the right measures?

This crisis is exposing the roles of the different layers of our government’s federal system.  Similar to Germany, states have the authority to tailor their response to the virus based on the severity of the situation in that particular state.  While I’m generally in favour of this federal system, I believe a crisis like this is grounds for the national government to set a uniform, high standard for responses to the virus to prevent its spread to less affected states.

Cool, Cooler, Trevor! 😉

How badly is your region affected by Corona?

Relatively speaking, not badly.  Last I heard, the state of Nebraska was ranked 47th out of 50 states for the ratio of confirmed cases to total population.  I believe our figure was around 16 cases per 100,000 people, whereas in New York the frequency is upwards of 500 cases per 100,000 people. 

What is your best tip against boredom in quarantine?

Work out every day— use this opportunity with a lot of free time to build your strength or your endurance.  It boosts your immune system, but also for me, it boosts my mood.  Working out helps keep me positive and motivated to take care of other tasks around the house so I can make this quarantine time period a productive one!

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